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Tippett Studio Purchases CELCO Fury Film Recorder

Leading visual effects studio invest in industry's highest performance film recorder

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, April 13, 2004…CELCO (, the leader in digital film recording systems, today announced that Tippett Studio, Berkeley, CA, has put into production its first FURY film recorder. Tippett Studio is one of the world’s leading visual effects studios, having worked on 34 films in 19 years and garnering 6 Oscar nominations and two Academy Awards.

Tippett Studio has utilized CELCO film recorders throughout the years for its film recording needs, and the latest investment in the FURY is a continuation of the strong relationship between the two companies. Tippett Studio has been growing at a significant rate during the past several years, and needed the speed the FURY offered as well as the ability to shoot out on multiple film stocks, which its’ clients have been requesting. In addition to speed, the FURY’s image quality, sharpness and ability to plug into Tippett’s pipeline were strong considerations when Tippett made its decision to purchase the FURY.

Tippett Studio’s file servers utilize a SGI SAN system. The FURY’s host computer is part of the client SAN, which means that the FURY is able to image back onto film at its maximum speed. Dan McNamara, Head of Operations for Tippett Studio, says, “Our analysis is that the FURY is actually outperforming its specifications in terms of shooting speeds. It’s faster than what we were quoted, which is great! Traditionally companies quote faster than they can actually perform, but not in this case. The FURY is faster than we thought it would be, which means we can handle more projects’ simultaneously. That is a large advantage as our workload on feature films increases.”

He continues, “The FURY’s ability to shoot out on different film stocks rapidly, as well as native file formats, are key advantages and allow us to move into different arenas such as digital intermediate in the future.”

John Constantine, Director of Marketing for CELCO, states, “We’re delighted that Tippett Studio has invested in the FURY. Having worked with Tippett Studio for several years, we know the caliber of work they produce and their demand for both high quality and speed, which CELCO film recorders have met each time. We know the FURY will continue to meet Tippett Studio requirements as their projects increase”.

Tippett Studio recently completed work on Hellboy, which debuted #1 at the box office its opening weekend, and is currently in production on Stepford Wives, Catwoman, Constantine and Son Of the Mask.

About CELCO:

CELCO was founded in 1950 by John M. Constantine Sr. as an engineering laboratory dedicated to high resolution display technology. CELCO’s innovations in the field of electron beam control soon made the company a leading producer of electron optics including deflection yokes and focus coils used in high resolution display systems. Its display components have been used for an abundance of military and civilian applications in everything from fighter jets, flight simulators, medical imaging systems, electron beam welders, to the space shuttle. CELCO also became known for its lab standard test equipment including high performance deflection amplifiers and precision display systems. The technologies evolved into the production of complete digital imaging systems starting in the 1970s with large format satellite imaging systems to the first motion picture digital film recorder used for Disney’s TRON in the early 1980s.

Clients have included Disney Feature Animation, PIXAR, Industrial Light & Magic, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Tippett Studio, CFI/Technicolor, Double Negative, The Mill, Éclair Labs, AAV Digital Pictures, Klasky Csupo, and Fotokem, just to name a few.

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About Tippett Studio:

Founded over 20 years ago by industry veteran Phil Tippett, Tippett Studio has delivered images to some of the most successful feature films and commercials ever produced. Tippett Studio is a complete digital visual effects production house located in Berkeley, California, with over 225 artists, designers, engineers and animators in 4 buildings. It utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware, and has risen to the top tier of the world’s leading character animation and visual effects studios.



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