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CELCO High Definition Film Recorder Proving Itself at Post Production Facilities Around the World

The eXtreme HDR which records onto camera negative or intermediate film stock, is designed and optimized to shoot 1920 x 1080 High Definition

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (March 29, 2000): CELCO’s new eXtreme HDR High Definition Recorder, the latest in the company’s popular eXtreme Line of products, is proving itself in post facilities around the world. The eXtreme HDR, which records onto virtually any color or black and white original negative or intermediate film stock, is designed and optimized to shoot 1920 x 1080 High Definition resolution. The eXtreme HDR can record a High Definition image in five (5) seconds per frame and 2k image in six (6) seconds per frame with uncompromised reliability. The recorder is capable of shooting a range of resolutions including NTSC, PAL, HD, 2k and recording onto 16mm and 35mm film.

Since their debut the eXtreme HDR along with the eXtreme Nitro have gained rapid acceptance and are installed in motion picture studios and post production houses world wide. Here is some recent feed back from eXtreme users:

"When I think of Nitro I think of explosiveness. And there is no other way to describe the performance of our Nitro. This machine runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has recorded over a million frames in the last three months."

Steve Hagel, President ACMEworks Digital Film Inc.

"What can you say, it performs well, exposes every stock I could ever want and the image quality is excellent. As one of our clients said, Well that takes care of all the can’t do’s and turns them into can do’s."

Peter Newton, Optical and Graphic, Sydney, Australia

"The system’s benefits are speed, repeatable results and shooting onto intermediate film stock. Because of the reliability of the system and the experience of our digital film team, we deliver our projects on time and on budget, which is important when you are competing in the international market."

Tony Porizas, AAV Digital Pictures, Melbourne, Australia

"For our images to please the most critical eye, our digital film recorders must have the highest resolution, 100% accurate color reproduction, reliability, speed, and support that is second to none. CELCO has exceeded all of our expectations."

David Rosenthal, Head of Digital Film I/O, Tippett Studios

"Since we acquired the CELCO, it’s been 100 percent reliable, and in this business, that’s the most important thing. The CELCO recorder is the only device we’ve ever owned that has worked flawlessly since the day we got it."

Ray McIntyre Jr., OCS/Freeze Frame/Pixel Magic

"The amazing speed of the recorder enabled us to print our digitally manipulated images in record time."

Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins, Casablanca/Teleimage, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The new eXtreme HDR and Nitro Digital Motion Picture Recorders are designed with CELCO’s innovative Advanced CRT Technology. This advanced technology produces images with unprecedented speed and image quality while maintaining reliability and flexibility that are second to none. Competing laser based systems have gained a reputation for being undependable and unreliable due to the unstable nature of the lasers and their highly mechanical design. Autologic’s LUX, Pthalo System’s Verite, and Kodak’s Lightning laser recorders have all been discontinued. The reliability factor of CELCO’s rock solid technology allows users to output millions of frames flawlessly for the new long form digital film market.

CELCO will be exhibiting at NAB 2000, booth S3311 at the Sands Convention Center.


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