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Warner Bros. Feature Animation Taps CELCO eXtreme MPX Film Recorders for “The Iron Giant

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA (DATE, 1999) -- The camera department at Warner Bros. Feature Animation utilized its inventory of CELCO digital motion picture film recorders to output all of the final animation for “The Iron Giant,” the studio’s new critically-acclaimed animated feature. Directed by Brad Bird, “The Iron Giant” is the story of a nine-year old who befriends a 50-foot robot from outer space in his Maine village.

The reliability and robustness of CELCO’s film recorders were put to the test when the camera department, under supervisor Mark Dinicola, used three eXtreme MPX systems to output film frames for the project over an approximately one-year period.

To record out the final animation, the eXtreme MPX systems took TIFF files rendered by third-party animation software at 2048 x 871 resolution in the anamorphic format and output them to Kodak original negative 5245. The anamorphic squeeze was handled in-camera by the CELCO systems.

The stability of the film recorders, along with some Warner Bros. proprietary color management systems, enabled the camera department to shoot portions of the same sequence on different cameras and have the pieces cut together

The camera department’s eXtreme MPR film recorder was also used during production to output black and white, low-resolution pencil tests and other shots which were not color critical.

All of “The Iron Giant” was output on CELCO film recorders apart from the end credits.

“The Iron Giant” marks the second time Warner Bros. Feature Animation has made extensive use of CELCO film recorders. The eXtreme MPX and MPR systems completely output the studio’s previous animated feature, “The Quest for Camelot.”

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