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Major Labs install CELCO eXtreme Recorders

Rancho Cucamonga, California (July 26, 2000) - CELCO the market leader of film recorders worldwide has recently added Nitro Film Recorders to well known motion picture film laboratories.

FotoKem, CFI, Eclaire Labs (Cinesite France), and Casablanca (Sao Paulo, Brazil) have decided on CELCO Nitro Film Recorders as their film recorder of choice. FotoKem and CFI have also been fitted with 35mm and 65mm Imax output options.

John Constantine the Director of Marketing at CELCO, comments, “The unchallenged flexibility and reliability of CELCO’s technology in combination with the Nitro’s high throughput capabilities give these film labs more options than any other film recorder on the market. This allows them to offer more digital film services than ever before including providing 35mm and 65mm Imax digital film output to the film stock of the filmaker’s choice.”

The new line of eXtreme Digital Motion Picture Recorders are designed with CELCO’s innovative Advanced CRT Technology. This advanced technology produces images with unprecedented speed and image quality while maintaining reliability and flexibility that are second to none. Competing laser based systems have a reputation for being unreliable due to the unstable nature of the lasers and their highly mechanical design. Autologic’s LUX, Pthalo System’s Verite, and Kodak’s Lightning laser recorders have all been discontinued. The reliability factor of CELCO’s rock solid technology allows users to output millions of frames flawlessly for the new feature length digital film market.

For more information on CELCO’s eXtreme Film Recorder products, please contact Jim Darby at (909) 481-4648, by fax at (909) 481-6899 or by e-mail at Visit CELCO’s Web site at::



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