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Tippett Studio Uses CELCO Film Recorders on Dreamworks’ “The Haunting”

Rancho Cucamonga July, 1999 - Tippett Studio, a major visual effects studio in Berkley, California, used CELCO Digital Motion Picture Film Recorders exclusively, to film out more than 100 effects for Dreamworks’ “The Haunting”.

Tippett Studio was the primary effects house for “The Haunting”, which was directed by Jan De Bont and based on the Shirley Jackson novel, “The Haunting of Hill House.” “We’ve been using CELCOs for years,” reports David Rosenthal, Digital Film I/O Supervisor at Tippett Studio. “ All three CELCOs were running 24 hours a day. They had to kick out a lot of frames, and they handled everything beautifully. Our plates were shot VistaVision, but the film was being released in Cinemascope, so we had to do an anamorphic squeeze,” says Rosenthal. “Since the CELCO systems are capable of handling the anamorphic squeeze very easily, we did it all ‘in-camera’ and not on the computer. That helped with our disk space because we didn’t have to keep extra files around.”

Rosenthall also notes that the effects footage cut in perfectly with the live action sequences. “The output from the CELCO systems always cuts in seamlessly,” he says. The film features lots of huge sets in the house, very intricate in design and detail. We were able to match those shots seamlessly and retain all the detail that was in the live action.”

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