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Since the transfer of digital images to motion picture film began with our groundbreaking work on the 1982 Disney Film TRON, CELCO film recorders have been an integral part of the production process.  These are just a few of the motion pictures that have involved the use of CELCO Digital Film Recording Technology in their production:


Seraphim Falls The Da Vinci Code Blades of Glory
I Robot Snakes on Planes Trapped
Walking Tall Hellboy Stepford Wives
Matrix Revolutions Master and Commander One Perfect Day
Minority Report Mission Impossible II Artificial Intelligence: AI
Cast Away The Santa Clause 3 Catwoman
Spy Kids 3D: Game Over Spiderwick Chronicles Man About Town
Two For the Money She's the Man Blood & Chocolate
United 93 Munich The Passion of the Christ
A Guy Thing Catch and Release Elektra
Elf Life or Something Like It Paycheck
Under the Tuscan Sun Tomb Raider 2 Spiderman
Blade II Freddy vs. Jason Tomorrow Never Dies
Scorpion King Full Frontal Hart's War
Monsters Inc. Behind Enemy Lines Hollow Man
Shallow Hal The One Black Knight
Jurassic Park III Enemy at the Gates Planet of the Apes
Evolution Driven Gladiator
The Perfect Storm Space Cowboys Nutty Professor: The Klumps
Mission Impossible Dinosaur Final Destination
Toy Story 2 Stuart Little Magnolia
The Green Mile Pitch Black Galaxy Quest
The World is Not Enough Bicentennial Man Sleepy Hollow
End of Days SW2: The Phantom Menace Wild Wild West
Tarzan The Mummy The Thirteenth Floor
Saving Private Ryan A Bug's Life Mulan
Men in Black The Lost World Flubber
Star Wars: The Trilogy 101 Dalmations Dante's Peak
Twister Independence Day Mission Impossible
Lethal Weapon 4 Deep Impact Armageddon
Godzilla The Rugrats Movie Starship Troopers
Half Past Dead Good Boy!

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