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CELCO Fury Digital Film Recorder - The Science of Light

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CELCO has harnessed the power of intense light focused the purity of the entire color spectrum to create a film recorder that changes the rules of digital film production. Unleashing the FURY, the most powerful digital film recording tool the motion picture industry has ever seen.

With breakthrough XCRT Advanced Imaging Technology Advanced Imaging Technology taken to the next level, the new FURY delivers film recording performance unlike any ever seen. The FURY outputs an incredible one frame per second - that's sixty minutes of high resolution 35mm output per day, twenty features per month, or 32,000,000 frames per year!

The FURY has the fastest 4K 65mm 15-perf IMAX capability ever at 5 seconds per frame.

Key Feature Points

  • 1 frame-per-second
  • 60 minutes of 35mm output per day
  • 5 seconds-per-frame for 65mm 15-perf IMAX
  • Imaging to any film stock including intermediate and camera negative
  • Highest resolution film recorder in existence

FURY touch screen



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