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CELCO's new CineSafe 4K Digital Archive Recorder has been specifically designed to output color separations onto black and white film stocks at the highest speed and resolution.

When stored properly, black and white film will last in excess of 500 years, making it the perfect medium for deep archive image storage. With the increasing amount of digital image data and higher resolution image capture systems, there is an immediate need for an insurance policy for your digital imagery. Unlike digital storage, film is human readable - a tangible asset like gold.

The CineSafe 4K is the perfect solution with its ability to image to fine-grain black and white color separation, intermediate, and high-contrast stocks.

Key Points:

  • 2.05 seconds/frame for 4K (4096x3112) 35mm black-and-white film
  • Supported film stocks include:
    • Kodak 5234 Fine Grain Duplicating Panchromatic Negative
    • Kodak 2238 Panchromatic Separation Film
    • Kodak 5369/2369 High Contrast Panchromatic Film

Color separations onto black-and-white film are the only
proven solution
for long-term archive storage.




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