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The Firestorm EX is a low cost, high-speed film recorder that utilizes CELCO's new XCRT Advanced Imaging Technology Advanced Imaging Technology, resulting in unsurpassed image quality. The new system is a continuation of CELCO's advancement of their proven, award-winning electron beam control technology for transferring digital images to motion picture film.

The Firestorm EX will output a high-resolution frame of film in 1.4 seconds, almost 40% faster than other film recorders in this range and two times faster than earlier generation film recorders.

The Firestorm EX's 1.4 second per frame speed includes high definition images onto Kodak 5245 camera negative stock. The system is also capable of imaging to intermediate stock and high-speed output of any resolution up to 4K or higher for larger format purposes such as 65mm. It takes only 12 seconds per frame to output a 4K 15-perf IMAX frame onto Kodak 5245/5201 low XCRT Advanced Imaging TechnologyASA/ISO camera negative stock. The Firestorm can output any type of film stock, including color and black and white intermediate and camera negative stocks. In addition, the new system can also output to multiple film formats including 16mm, 35mm, and 65mm 5, 8, 10, and 15-perf (IMAX format).


Key Points:

  • 1.4 seconds per frame for 1920x1080, 5213 or 5201
  • 50% faster 
  • Intermediate and Camera Negative recording
  • Supports Kodak’s Color Digital Intermediate Vision3 2254, & Color Negative 5201 and 5213




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