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Rainmaker Purchases CELCO FURY

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, May 3, 2005 …CELCO (, a world leader in digital film recording systems, announced that Rainmaker has purchased Celco’s newest film recorder, the FURY, and put it into immediate production. 

Headquartered in Vancouver BC Rainmaker is one of North America's leading film and television post-production companies. Founded in 1979, Rainmaker offers a complete range of post-production services for film, television and new media including film processing, digital video post-production, and digital visual effects.

Rainmaker selected the FURY after testing other film recorders on the market. The decision was made after extensive film testing, then analyzing the FURY film output and performance specifications, and comparing them to the ARRI and Lasergraphics film recorders.

”We put on line our newest CELCO Film Recorder – the truly awesome FURY,” explains Ken Hayward, Director of Technical Development at Rainmaker. “On a technical score card, in person, the FURY meets and often exceeds every published benchmark for resolution, colorimetry, image steadiness, volume throughput, D-Max on 42, etc. etc. etc. Rainmaker has always been a Cineon Spec Digital Lab, so our D-Min/D-Max requirements can sometimes be onerous. The FURY has no problem whatsoever in achieving them, at a 4k MTF, within the published Gate Cycle times. As for Pin Registration, even at our fastest cycle time of 0.27 seconds per frame, the FURY has never failed at absolute image steadiness, even during the conventional (and ruthless) bi-pack bob-and-weave exposure test.”

In short, we are extremely satisfied with the FURY Digital Film Recorder, both for Film to Film output and for HD to Film Output. We would have no hesitation in recommending the FURY to other Digital Film Labs, regardless of their size or requirements,” concluded Hayward.

Rainmaker recently completed film-outs for several Pepsi commercials, and is currently finalizing the digital color correction and film-out for a Film-Film DFI theatrical feature.

Facilities are able to output nearly an hour of high-resolution digital film per day on the FURY. This speed includes high definition images onto Kodak 5245 camera negative stock. Imaging times are less than 2 seconds per frame for a full Cineon density range 2K image onto Kodak intermediate 2242 film stock. The system is also capable of very high-speed output of any resolution up to 4K or higher for larger format purposes, allowing 40 minutes of 15-perf 65mm format film per week to be filmed out. The FURY can output nearly any type of film stock, including color and black and white intermediate and camera negative stocks. In addition, the new system can also output to multiple film formats including 16mm, 35mm, and 65mm 5, 8, 10, and 15-perf (IMAX format).

In the FURY’s latest version, recording speed has been increased for Kodak’s 2242/5242 intermediate stock, resulting in faster performance for the growing digital intermediate market. In addition, CELCO has introduced FilmOut Pro an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) software package which adds additional imaging and film recorder control tools, 3D color calibration, and further simplifies the operation of the recorder.

About CELCO:

CELCO was founded in 1950 by John M. Constantine Sr. as an engineering laboratory dedicated to high resolution display technology. CELCO’s innovations in the field of electron beam control soon made the company a leading producer of electron optics including deflection yokes and focus coils used in high resolution display systems. Its display components have been used for an abundance of military and civilian applications in everything from fighter jets, flight simulators, medical imaging systems, electron beam welders, to the space shuttle. CELCO also became known for its lab standard test equipment including high performance deflection amplifiers and precision display systems. The technologies evolved into the production of complete digital imaging systems starting in the 1970s with large format satellite imaging systems to the first motion picture digital film recorder used for Disney’s TRON in the early 1980s.

Clients have included Disney Feature Animation, PIXAR, Industrial Light & Magic, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Tippett Studio, CFI/Technicolor, Double Negative, The Mill, Éclair Labs, AAV Digital Pictures, Klasky Csupo, and Fotokem, just to name a few.

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For further information, contact CELCO, 8660 Red Oak Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91730, USA, tel +1.909.481.4648, fax +1.909.481.6899,, 



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